How long will shipping take?

Ready to ship items will be shipped out in 3-5 business days. Made to order items will be estimated once we receive the order details. From there, it can take really anywhere from 3-10+ business days depending on where you’re located. But we’ll update the status of your order as soon as it’s on its way so you know where it is. Also, if you are putting in a custom order, please expect longer so that we have time to actually make the thing(s)! If you have a particular deadline you need to meet, please let us know if the checkout form and we may be in touch with quicker shipping methods (and costs).

WHERE do you ship to?

We currently ship to Canada and the US, but if you are international and see something you really want, please do get in touch with us so we can come up with a way to get it to you. It might mean a higher shipping cost, but it’ll be worth it!

Can I return something?

Listen, we are a small (small small) family-run operation over here, so we can’t accept returns or dish out refunds. But… if you do receive something that’s broken or damaged, please let us know within a week of receiving and we’ll gladly help sort out that kind of issue!

I see something I love, but I want it to be a little different. Any chance you can do a custom order?

We sure can! We love making custom things for wonderful people. Get in touch with us here to let us know what you’re looking for specifically and we’ll reach out with next steps.

The thing I want is sold out. What do i do?!

You don’t panic. Because we would be happy to make you another, and one that’s even better suited to YOU. Get in touch with us here to provide more details and we’ll get back to you soon with next steps.

My product has a flaw in it. Why?

Everything we make is made with our hands. No machines over here. Ok, well, except for like pottery wheels, lathes, kilns…etc. But you know what we mean. We make it all and it’s all unique. Nothing coming from our hands will be the exact same, so there may be flaws or dimples or knicks here and there. We always quality check our work, so we won’t send you something broken, but a subtle flaw or dimple is what makes something quirky and unique. Just like us humans.

Can we order something of yours wholesale for our store/market/shop/boutique?

Sure! We’d love that. We can’t really MASS mass produce anything, but we can certainly get the conversation going on what you’re hoping for. Get in touch with us with some details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with next steps!