"The Sun Will Always Rise" Acrylic Abstract

"The Sun Will Always Rise" Acrylic Abstract


Size: 30”x20”
Materials: Acrylic paint and ink on canvas with spots of gloss varnish
Artist/Maker: by Danielle Joseph

This is an original acrylic painting by Danielle Joseph. Inspired by the ups and downs of life, Danielle painted this during her 3 week stay-cation in December 2018 and put the finishing touches on it going into the new year.

The painting features a deep golden yellow, peach pinks, dark navy blues, subtle gray and pops of bright teal. Danielle felt that it combined life’s joy and light with life’s trials and darkness. There are details alluding to the Universe and galaxies, the moon, stars and the sun, and all the messy and bright things swirling around in between.

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