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things we love

We wanted to share a list of some of our favourite tools, materials and resources in case you want to make things too!

. . .

Chefs Plate: Danielle + Mo are obsessed with this service. With all the things we make over here (along with full-time jobs), deciding on what to make for dinner or finding time to grocery shop became a challenge. Enter food saviour, Chefs Plate.

Moo Printing: This is absolutely our favourite online printer. The quality of the prints and the service is amazing. They offer pre-made designs or the ability to upload your own! If you use the link here, you'll get a nice discount as well.


ArtResin: Non-toxic resin for any kind of creative project (we use it for artwork, and Sean loves it to mix with his woodworking materials).

Basic Acrylic Paints: Danielle’s favourite for all of her abstract paintings. This is an easy-to-use and easy-to-mix acrylic set perfect for getting started.


Crochet Starter Kit: Danielle got this for Christmas and it has everything she needs to crochet any project. She’s already used it to make a sweater for herself, her chihuahua, Bruce and many wall hangings.

Men’s Coveralls: Both Sean and Mo have a pair of these coveralls to work in because both of them have destroyed one too many pairs of pants and far too many t-shirts in their maker journeys.


*Note: some of these links are affiliate links meaning we may make a small commission from purchases, and sometimes through affiliate links we are able to offer you discounts on our favourite things. We only ever recommend things we’ve personally tested and loved.